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Is anyone incorporating UX testing into an Agile (SCRUM) project and hows it going so far?

We have just recently started to incorporate UX testing into SCRUM projects and it's been a struggle to say the least.  The hardest part has been getting the project leads to include us in budget planning and in the sprint planning.  Steve's discount testing approach has been invaluable in these types of projects.  The testing has to be down and dirty, fast and concentrated.  It works great for SCRUM.  Convincing them of the value that is the hard part.

Anyone else treading these waters?

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Hi Sandy,

I'm also in an Agile SCRUM environment and what we have just agreed upon is that I'll be "up-streaming" the process. That means I'm doing usability testing and UX work before a sprint and phase so that I can come to envisioning meetings prepared to guide discussions. Hope that helps!

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