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When I finished the book (Rocket Surgery Mad Easy) It got me thinking about a few thing, and made me come up with a few ideas.
This is the thing. I work on a company called Globant. We are a pretty big company (around 2 thousand employees) and we do web development. As you can imagine we do have a lot of clients, which means a lot of projects. 
From the UX point of view, we have a small team of UX people but we're growing little by little. 
Usability test with "real" users (or any kind of user) is the pending subject for us. We do perform heuristic reviews, and we do apply all our knowledge on the subject, but you know... most of the times, actual usability tests with users, is the last thing to do, because there is this preconception that it is time consuming, and there for very expensive.
So when I read the book it was very refreshing to understand that there actually is a way to start doing it. Just start doing it!

So, I came up with this idea that I called: Usability Test Club.
The idea is to create this club that all the employees on the company can join with 3 different types membership.
  1. You can join as a "user", which means that you will be called every once in a while to be our audience. You will take a look at some project, do some tasks, and we the projects will improve by your input :)
  2. The other kind of membership is "project". Suppose you're a Project Manager, or a Product Owner, or a Stakeholder or whatever and you want your project to be tested. You submit your project, and we'll pick it up to test it. You'll get the test and the results to improve your project.
  3. The last kind of membership is "apprentice". In this case you want to learn about usability testing, you want to know how to do it and you want to learn about usability in general. 

So, once a month, we'll pick a project, we'll talk with the PM to come up with the cases, we'll pick 3 users, we'll call everybody who wants to observe (including apprentices) and we'll run the test.
This has 3 major advantages:
  1.  We raise awareness to everybody that usability test are possible, not as expensive as it sounds, and they get results!. 
  2. We improve the experience of the project internally and we create opportunity to sell more extensive usability tests and usability consultancies to clients.
  3. We educate people on how to do usability tests and how to start thinking with a "user oriented" mind.
So everybody wins!
It's a great idea. But it's so good that I was kind of afraid, you know?. Where's the trick?.
So, today we actually started doing the first test and it was AMAZING!!! It was really useful, we got a lot of things! a lot of results!! :)
We'll be growing little by little and we'll be expanding this club to as many projects as we can, teaching other on how to do it so we can cover even more projects a month. 

Thank you SO much for taking the time to write that inspiring book. Me and a LOT of people and projects and users here thank you :)

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What I need to do, if I need to start my career with software testing?
Software Testing Company

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After that you could go on with MEASURING THE USER EXPERIENCE and enroll yourself in some classes.
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