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Alan Beasley

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Hi Steve & All,

Having read quite a few books in thisfield, I found your books the most enjoyable of them all. And the ones I wouldthrow/recommend to a colleague the moment they spark an interest in Usability.(And if they didn't see the value of usability, I'd throw IA for the WWWbecause it's quite weighty!!!) lol

Your books are well laid out, engaging& easy to read. What could be better? Well as you ask (Or Don't). The onlything I think you could possibly improve on is the annotation marking.

Let me explain: I like to read a wholesentence or paragraph in the book, to ensure I capture the whole meaning ofwhat you are saying. And find it breaks my concentration if I jump to the annotationat the bottom. (Maybe I have a short term memory problem?)

What was I saying? Oh yeah! :-) So I readall the page, and then look at the annotations afterwards. But I reallystruggle, to then find the reference location for the annotation again. (Aprime example being page 75 of Rocket Surgery Made Easy). So I'd like tosuggest adding more weight to the annotation marking, either by making bolder,or inversing in a black circle to make it easier to find in the text.

I know I'm splitting hairs, & this isonly a very minor issue with regards to usability. Which when you think aboutit, shows how good your books must be! :-)


Finally, I know you are trying to keep thebook short and concise. But do you think there is a place for Card Sorting withinthe Usability testing you describe in “Rocket Surgery Made Easy”. Labellingobviously has a huge influence over people’s perception of where they are, whatthey are doing, and how to achieve the tasks you describe. So wondered if itwas worth a brief mention in the book, with ways to incorporate this into the earlyrounds of the same user testing.


Thanks for everything (Writing the books& carrying the flag for usability)



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