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Hi Steve,

It has been one year already... The big internet guys make me think... Questions are looping in my head. I cannot sleep anymore. Please help.

When I want to log out from my Gmail account, I need :
1/ to scan the whole page, looking for a "sign out" link, even in the footer (as I do not possess a gaming mouse, this is pretty annoying), but, unfortunately, I 404. So I reiterate the request...
2/ to re-scan the whole page, looking for a possible secret menu. First, I check the Gmail one. No sign out, but I notice I also have to click multiple times to reach / add contacts. Then I check the top left one. I am lucky. I could have check the second top left one first
3/ my already tired brain must figure out what is in the box. I do not care about the first part (should not that be in the settings ?). Now two buttons. Same style. One says "Add account". Ok. That is handy to know I can find it here when I need it. The other says "sign out". Same style ?
4/ Click the Sign out button.

The process is so demanding that now, I know exactly where the button is. I can even reach it in less than 5 seconds using my laptop's mouse pad. Still, I keep on wondering why they did that to us.

Steve, what is your interpretation of that design ? Did they miss the first chapter of your book ? Cannot they afford your expertise ? Is it a way to boost the Google search engine traffic (I googled this, there are help forums everywhere in the world explaining where that beep button is) ? Is it security related ? Should I send them a job application ? Should I just stay signed in when I leave my favorite cybercafe ?

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If I can comment to your post, the fact that now you can reach it in less than 5 seconds, it's designed well for learnability.
There will always be some learning curve for the users to use the interface.

Borrys Hasian
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