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Hello, all.

First, I'm SO glad to see this site.  Steve's books have helped me a great deal over the years.

I have to ask, when you as a "designer / developer / content provider / web person" are asked to put an email address on a website, how do you do it?  I tend to present the address itself, AND make it a clickable "mailto" link.  This way, if a person who views the address wishes to click the address to use it in their mail client, they could, or if a person wishes to copy and paste the address into a web based mail solution, they could.  Is this "best practice"? How do you do it?


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I do the same as you.


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I do the same for now. I used to put email in a name [at] domain [dot] com, to avoid spamming, but seems the current site suckers (borrowed the term from Jakob Nielsen) are smart enough to recognize this as an email address. 
I use mailto for the same reason as you: users will have two options to use the email, by clicking or copying.

Borrys Hasian

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I don't know about "best practice" on this issue, but I have found your method to be best.  Some people may not have modified their browser's default email setting so things may not work.  For example, Internet Explorer defaults to Outlook Express (or is it Outlook?).  If the user uses AOL, he may not be able to easily get the actual email address to paste into AOL. As I understand it, clicking on the link generates the email in the default email app, which may never actually send it.
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