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Hey, Steve

A big focus of my usability efforts is in the area of accessibility. I regard this as a fundamental foundation of usability. It has to be accessable to be usable, right? I feel this is an under-served area in the field and needs more attention. What would you think of another forum topic dedicated to this subject? My impressions is that there is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about what's required, and the laws are being changed so that accessibility is becoming everyone's problem, rather than just the Governments.

Anyway, your thoughts and experience in this area would be appreciated.

Steve Krug

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Absolutely right, Mike: under-served says it perfectly.

My new site, for instance, still needs a thorough "scrubbing" to make it accessible, and it's on my calendar for this coming month.

But I'm going to try to limit this forum pretty scrupulouosly to do-it-yourself usability testing issues.

Perhaps people could add a few links here to good discussions elsewhere (I'm sure there must be some out there) about accessibility as a usability issue/principle?

Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

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Funny you should ask, Steve, because Jared Smith, who promotes accessibility through WebAIM, just saw one of your presentations, realized that the Rocket Surgery approach holds value for the world of accessibility testing, and wrote a post on that very topic: Rocket Surgery and Accessibility User Testing.

His concept is to first make your website as accessible as you can. As part of that, test your site with tools such as the WAVE toolbar or Deque's WorldSpace FireEyes, both of which are free. (WorldSpace FireEyes works with Firefox and another free Firefox plug-in, Firebug. It helps you identify and fix accessibility issues that arise from events triggered by Javascript.)

When your site is as accessible as tools can tell, then you're ready to do usability testing with people with disabilities. Be forewarned that sometimes you will find that your design worked beautifully, but at other times you will find that you have to go back to square one and completely rethink your design.

If you're interested in this approach, you might benefit from reading these publications of the W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI):
and Shawn Lawton Henry's book, Just Ask: Integrating Accessibility Throughout Design.

Each of these resources is free and available online in html format.

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Hi everyone. This is my first post here....

This is the best resource and tool for accessibility so far (for me)...Check it... 

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