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Hello Steve Krug,

My name is Craig and i am from a town called Grimsby in England UK.
I am at college studying Bricklaying, i am also putting pieces in place for setting up a business for myself.
One of these stages was to create a website, so while using my college library i noticed a nice new copy of your book Dont even make me think!

Humm! i thought whats this? funny title.
Well i found it very interesting to read and read half the book that very day on my breaks.

Can i just say Thank You as it helped me critique my website more than i would have, this is my first website and has taken me on a roller coaster of sleepless nights fixing bugs lol, but its all good now :)

I would also like your permission to add a picture of your book to my blog page on my website with a thank you from myself explaining how it helped me. ( A "quote" from you would be excellent to add )

Many Thanks Steve

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